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In this article, hadoop professionals will share their thoughts on hadoop datawarehousing and will discuss Hadoop and EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse). There are people who believe that EDW and Hadoop will continue to coexist, simultaneously, solving various use cases.

They take the combination of Hadoop and EDW like peanut butter and chocolate. Watching cold EDW data and transferring it to Hadoop is simple to understand and compel only when you don’t have to analyze data in enterprise data warehouse.
In this way, Hadoop storage will cost you less. However, entrepreneurs are handling their big data infrastructures well on multiple dimensions. So, let’s discuss a few Hadoop value drivers in detail-

  • Archiving Cold Data To Optimize EDW Storage

Just in case Enterprise Data Warehouse is full at the seams, you need to offload/ transfer your cold data on to Hadoop. This specific retail enterprise does approximation about adding hadoop can house 20-30% data growth this year with no requirement of expanding the available warehouse.

The enterprise datawarehouse can support intended analysis, whereas Hadoop can hold all the archived data for staging and reporting.

  • Offloading Of ETL Processing Enhance The EDW Performance

Big size of EDW CPU cycles are invested on data transformation part that can slow the process of analytic queries, ingestion, and entire performance of EDW. It is suggested to use Hadoop as the landing zone for retrieving data.

You may need to change it there in most economical and efficient way and load it within the EDW for further analysis.

  • Boost Analyst Productivity

Data analysts invest their time in more productive tasks rather than spending it for query results or troubleshooting. This has helped in boosting productivity.

  • Enhance Confidence Level To Make Sound Business Decisions

This point needs no explanation. With the help of Hadoop, enterprises have become stronger in decision making- credit does to all cost-effective processes and structured and unstructured data that help management in making business decision without failure.

So, if you are planning to invest in Hadoop datawarehousing, you must look for ways to optimize your EDW investment.

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