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Selling products are the certainly the final line for an e-commerce when it comes to customer interaction, however, product selling is not the only objective of an e-commerce. It is the most powerful aspect of an e-commerce business, but ‘sales’ are not everything.

With the rapid spread of e-commerce portals and online businesses, it is also a mandate for every e-commerce portal to stand out of the crowd. Therefore the focus has to be on the interface designs, the UX, the aspects of the website, customer satisfaction ration, the impact of the brand strategy and a plenty of other things apart from just selling. Here are a few of the common objectives of an e-commerce portal:

• Wonderful customer experience
One of the major objectives of an e-commerce has to be the kind of customer experience that they offer. The company has to keep a close eye on the way the e-commerce portal looks. It has to very easy to use, and extremely convenient. The customer should not find any difficulty in understanding and using the portal. This is a major goal that an e-commerce company has to fulfill. Apart from this, it is also extremely important to design the webpage in an intuitive manner. It should be catchy enough to gather the interest of the user. Also, a personalized e-commerce portal works wonder for any organization. It enhances the appeal and also helps to connect well with the customer.

• Brand image has a lot of value
For every company, it is very important to create a positive brand image. If the brand image is very strong then it automatically works in favor of the company. A lot of your current customer already becomes the indirect ambassadors of the company. Just like if a person likes certain food in a restaurant the person tends to spread the word amongst his/her circle. It is like a natural thing. Therefore, companies should spend time in creating a very positive and solid brand image. Now, here it will depend on both the customer experience and brand strategies. Unique and attractive marketing campaigns can help the company amplify their brand presence. Plus, they may also help in creating a positive image, only if they are planned to do so, and are executed in a proper manner.

• The look and feel of the portal
Now, since it is an e-commerce portal, and you may or may not have any offline presence, therefore, it is extremely important to curate an eye-catching online portal. The look and feel of the portal will depend on a lot on your design choices. Hence, make sure that the website is designed tastefully, keeping in mind the interest as well as the behavior of the customer, you can also take help of a Magento eCommerce Development Company.

• Mobile responsiveness
This is the era of a mobile phone, and a majority of users are mostly using Smartphone to order items as well. Therefore, it is extremely important for companies to develop responsive sites, which offer a similar experience on both mobile and web. In fact, mobile platforms have higher chances of attracting more leads. Therefore, never miss out on developing an intuitive mobile based site for your business.

• Keep a tight eye on your operations
Now that the customer has purchased an item from your e-commerce site, this should never mean that your responsibility towards the customer has ended. In fact, after the customer purchases anything, you have to become more careful towards customer’s complete journey. Make sure that the buyer never feels less valued after the purchase is done. Plus, you have to make sure that your packaging and delivery departments are always up to the mark, and they do not let down the wonderful experience that the customer had with you! Also, the customer service teams should be trained to deeply value the customer. All this will not only lead to greater customer retentions but will also help to fetch more leads as the happy customer will certainly spread the word.

You can go through a Simple PPT to understand it in a better way:
PPT on Objectives of eCommerce portals

There is no doubt about the fact that sales and revenue generation is the key to keep every profitable business in a healthy state. However, the business should never be solely focused on selling. In this era, customer experience holds a lot of important. Especially, when the value of the social media portals and customer feedback has reached a new high, it is extremely important for a business to not leave any loophole. Brand building and customer engagement strategies are a great way to enhance the presence and visibility of the company too!

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